Kitchen Resources

Kitchen Resources

How To Buy And Roast Coffee Beans at Home

Roasting coffee beans at home is cost effective, fun, and a great hobby. It’s much easier to buy and roast coffee beans all by yourself. This guide will teach you where to buy and how to roast coffee beans at home.  This article will cover:  Benefits of Home Coffee Roasting  Supplies to […]

Which Type of Coffee Maker is Right For You

With so many different types of home coffee makers on the market, it’s hard to know which type of coffee maker is right for you.  This guide will explain 10 different types of coffee makers, with pros and cons of each. At the end of this article, you should be able to identify which coffee […]

Vegan Cauliflower Steaks

5 Easy Vegetarian Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Looking to add more plant pasted and vegetarian meals to your diet? These 5 easy vegetarian weeknight dinner recipes are just for you! I love simple, healthy meals that I can count on. And with this meal plan, I lay out 5 simple vegetarian dinner recipes, plus a grocery list […]

5 Super Easy Family Weeknight Dinners

I love these 5 Super Easy Family Weeknight Dinners because they’re done in 20-30 minutes, have minimal cleanup, and are recipes that your whole family will love! We’re all looking for easy family weeknight dinners, right? Sometimes, it’s just hard to get a healthy meal on the table with all […]

Dehydrated Citrus

DIY: How to Easily Dehydrate Citrus At Home

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dehydrate citrus at home?! We’re approaching the holiday season, and that means so many fun and fancy kitchen DIYs! One of my favorites is dehydrated citrus. You can use it in so many ways! Here are just a few: Cocktail garnish (I […]

Easy Mushroom Pasta

The Pantry Collection

Foodies – times are hard. There’s just no other way to put it. I feel that we’re all trying to help in the ways that we can. For me, it’s helping you cook. So I put together the pantry collection from my blog archives and compiled them in one place. […]

Meal Prep Guide

This meal prep guide will give you a step-by-step formula to master meal prepping. I meal prep lunches for myself and my husband every Sunday. We’re extremely busy during the week and sometimes we just don’t have time to throw together a lunch in the morning or on a weeknight. […]