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Le Petite Fleur Cocktail

La Petite Fleur Cocktail

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I’m loving the warm weather and long walks around our neighborhood.

There are SO many wildflowers popping up in our neighborhood, and on a recent walk, my husband Nick picked a few.

As usual, he had an idea and wanted to create something with them.

Later that evening, Nick created one of the best cocktails he’s ever made.

La Petite Fleur Cocktail

The Cocktail

Made with our favorite gin from Watershed Distillery, it’s a light and floral cocktail that was bright and delicious.

If you live in Ohio and haven’t had one of Watershed’s products yet, check them out! You can buy their products at liquor stores around Ohio.

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This cocktail is also made with a hibiscus rose cocktail mixer that we recently found – if you don’t have it, no worries, you can use cranberry juice or any floral or sweet cocktail mixer that you have!

We decided to name this cocktail La Petite Fleur (the little flower) from the joy and hope that these little flowers gave us. I hope you’ll find some hope and joy in this, too.

La Petite Fleur Cocktail

La Petite Fleur Cocktail Ingredients


Add all ingredients without ice and shake in a cocktail shaker. Add in ice and shake until cold.

Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with lemon peel or purple flowers. Cheers!

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