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The Market Italian Village

Restaurant Review: The Market Italian Village

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I absolutely love living in Columbus, Ohio. Besides an amazing university and some really cool things happening around the city, we have incredible food.

One of my favorite restaurants in the city is called The Market Italian Village.

Market IV does a modern take on Italian food – which in my option is a hard feat. With such a rich heritage, it can be difficult to add a modern twist.

But the team at The Market Italian Village doesn’t just accomplish modern Italian food, they excel.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is warm and welcoming. The servers and bartenders are inviting. The cooking staff is creative, and absolutely talented.

I was invited to try some of their dishes on the menu and as usual, I was blown away.

Our experience started with wine selection. Market IV has an extensive wine selection, and even more important, knowledgable staff that can help you pick the perfect bottle.

We wanted a red that was drinkable with multiple dishes and not too dry. Our server brought us over some choices, and we were very happy with their pick.

The Market Italian Village
Course 1 – Batata Harra

We started off with appetizers. First was the Batata Harra. These crispy and spiced potatoes were absolutely delicious.

The Market Italian Village

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, these potatoes were a delight. Dip them in harissa aioli and enjoy appetizer perfection.C

Course 2 – Mussels

Next, we enjoyed the Mussels. Now I love mussels. And I love Market IV’s take on mussels.

The Market Italian Village

These babies were stewed in a lovely tomato broth and served with warm, crusty bread. Pro tip: ask for extra bread. You’ll need it to soak up the goodness when you’re finished with the mussels.

Course 3 – Whole Golden Trout Almondine

Finally, we enjoyed the Whole Golden Trout Almondine. This dish was outstanding.

There’s something about the presentation of a whole fish that brings a wow factor. And the taste paralleled the look.

This fish was one of the best things I’ve eaten in the city.

The Market Italian Village

The fish was flaky and full of flavor. The sauce was buttery and creamy. And the greens added texture and richness to each bite.

Typing this, I already want to go back for more!

Our meal was truly special. We had fabulous service, great wine, and phenomenal food.

Market IV is a special place. It’s a delightful, modern take on Italian cuisine.

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